We Make Mobile Health and Productivity Apps

For Your iPhone, iPad, and Android Users

"If you’re a founder bringing a new product to market, then I highly recommend working with Tom... He’ll help you get to market faster with much greater results."

3 Steps To A Brilliant Mobile App

We create wireframes, beautiful mockups, and a solid plan to deliver your app on the right platforms. 
We develop your app, tailored to your needs, with frequent checkpoints to ensure quality delivery.  
We publish your app including app store submissions and a 30 day promotion plan to reach your ideal users.

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Smart, Connected Apps

Strong Delivery

Effective Design

Whether starting with an existing design or a blank canvas, we'll work with you to create a compelling user experience to meet your goals and satisfy your users.

We'll help you get the right technology in place for a successful app, including  server-side components, databases, integration, and ecommerce solutions as needed.

We have a tight process to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.  Ask about our fixed price project delivery guarantee.

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8 Essentials of App Success

Sharon Cunningham


About TapShow

We make mobile health and productivity apps for your iPhone, Android, and Web-based users.  

Our Work: App Case Study

We recently developed ResponseHero, an iPhone app that helps salespeople respond faster to incoming web leads:

We created ResponseHero for iPhone with push notifications, a server-side database, and analytics.  

What We Believe

We see mobile technology as a world-changing force that will open up new business models while making life better for millions.  We love working with companies and entrepreneurs who are bringing new experiences and products to market. From mobile health to sales & marketing, we're ready to help you turn your great idea into an amazing app.

Why Choose TapShow?

Based in Vancouver, we work with creative companies and entrepreneurs to turn their app ideas into reality.  


We have 20 years experience in custom software projects for big and small clients.

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